Wednesday, March 27, 2013

One of those days.

What. A. Day.  I take back everything I said about Wednesdays being better than Mondays or Tuesdays.

I woke up this morning at 6:45am, turned on the TV to check the weather and traffic, then rolled out of bed.  When I put my feet down, I felt something wet.  Like, really wet.  Turns out there were several wet spots all over my carpet.  Change of plans - instead of going to work at my normal 8am time, I had to wait for our property management office to open at 9am to speak with the maintenance man about why my carpet was suddenly saturated.  So now what to do with my 2 hours of morning free time?  The logical answer would be go back to bed, but since my mind was running a mile a minute, I did the only other logical thing and went to the gym.  Unfortunately I was not mentally prepared to push myself hard in a morning work out, so instead I zoned out for a steady 60 minute cardio sesh on the elliptical and bike.  I just read my book and took my mind off of all the possibilities of what could be leaking and how much it would cost to fix.

Cue 9am, on the dot.  I go to the maintenance office, bring the guy to my condo, and we both look at eachother bewildered.  All he could find is that my utility closet was damp on the floor around the hot water heater, so maybe that was leaking.  But leaking enough to seep through the walls, floors, and back up through the carpet?  Ugh, who knows.  Anyways, I have an appointment tomorrow morning with the HVAC company to check it out.  Part of me hopes it IS the hot water heater, even though it will be expensive to fix, because if it's not that, neither the maintenance man nor myself have any idea what else could be causing the wet spots.  The trials and tribulations of being a home (condo) owner.

So what does this have to do with fitness?  Nothing really.  However, I had planned a 5pm outdoor run and arm circuit for after work, and because I didn't get in until 9:30, I'm stuck at work much later and won't be able to get to the gym before my 7pm "Mud & Merlot" night with the girls.  Priorities!  We are drinking wine and making picture frames tonight, and that's more important than the gym, duh.  Instead, I got my panicking mind out the door and went to the gym with the free time I now had this morning instead of this evening.  FLEXIBILITY.  That's what it takes to have fun and be fit.  Who wants to miss Mud & Merlot night to go to the gym?  I Don't.  The same applies to skipping happy hour, or dinner, or that spur of the moment sports game you got tickets for.  Don't miss out, be flexible.  Bail on the evening run but get up an hour earlier and hit the gym in the AM.  Squeeze in a 30 minute walk during your lunch break when a late meeting pops up.  Do wall squats in the bathroom where no one can see you (wait, I'm the only one who does that?).  Regardless, fit it in where you can, because fitness should be fun and a stress reliever, not another obligation to add to your already busy life! 

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