Friday, March 15, 2013

My First Blog Post.

I'm a Type A person; I am rigidly organized, often bite off more than I can chew, and have to-do lists for every aspect of my life.  On one of those lists, for a long time, has been to start a blog.  I've read blogs for years, about everything from healthy lifestyles and fitness, to Pinterest and The Bachelor.  I knew I wanted to blog, but I wasn't quite sure what about.

Fast forward to March 14th, 2013:  I came home from the gym and told my roommate all about the workout routine I did, acting like I had climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, when in reality I just paired a few exercises together and entertained myself enough to stay in the weight room for 45 minutes.  Then I told her about my little notebook, where I jot down ideas for exercise routines when they pop in my head since my undiagnosed ADD prevents me from ever repeating a workout.  Apparently that's not a very normal thing to do, who knew?  That's when it came to me; maybe that is my "thing"!  And maybe I should blog about it.

So that was yesterday, and here I am today, writing a blog.  Did I mention I'm not a patient person?

I'm no personal trainer, I'm no dietitian, and I'm no fitness model.   In fact, like most women in the world, I am fairly happy with my body but wouldn't mind losing a few LBs.  That is, if I could ever stop myself from eating that third slice pizza and drinking that fourth beer (not happening...).  But regardless, I love to work out.  Thank god I do, because I love to eat and drink just as much.  But more importantly, I love making up new routines so that I will continue loving to working out.  So, this is going to be my little corner of the interweb where I can share my ideas for new routines, share my thoughts on anything fitness related that I may stumble across, and share a little of my life and how I keep it fun.

My goal is for this blog to be lighthearted, positive and to, fittingly (see what I did there...?), keep it fun so you keep reading and I keep writing!

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