Wednesday, April 10, 2013


If I asked a year ago if any of you had heard of Tabata, the answer would most likely be "no".  Ok, I guess I couldn't have asked a year ago, because this blog didn't exist then (or even a month ago), but still, you get the gist.  Anyways, my bootcamp instructor introduced me to Tabata atleast a year or 2 ago, and to this day it is one of my favorite ways to get in a quick workout.

Here's the concept:

1.  Pick an exercise move.
2.  Do the move for 20 seconds without rest, then rest for 10 seconds.
3.  Repeat 7 more times, for a total of 8 x (20 seconds + 10 seconds) = 240 seconds = 4 minutes.
(Yes, I'm a math nerd.)
4.  Pick another move, and repeat the process.

Each move you pick takes 4 minutes to do "Tabata style", and you can combine as many moves as you want to create a full body workout.  I usually pick 6-8 moves, for a 25-40 minute workout.  Trust me, it's alot harder than it sounds, and your muscles will be burrrrning by the end of each Tabata circuit.  The goal is to pick exercises that work large muscle groups.  Here's a list of different exercises I use when combining a Tabata circuit:

This morning I did the Tabata circuit in my bedroom, so I didn't have access to weights or kettlebells.  That's one of the best things about this workout though - you can do it anywhere, without any equipment.  I chose to combine push ups (I do them on my knees for Tabata - trust me, they still burn), jump squats, tricep dips, lunges, crunches and sumo squats.  That's 6 exercises x 4 minutes, with a minute or so of rest in between.  I was done the workout in 30 minutes, and I'd bet money on the fact that I'll be sore tomorrow!  Try it sometime!