Monday, March 18, 2013

Case of the Mondays.

Does anyone else almost ALWAYS wake up on Monday mornings and reset their alarm for 30 minutes later?  Luckily my work schedule is fairly flexible, so although most days I get in between 8:00 and 8:30am, I think my coworkers have come to expect the late 9:00am arrival on Mondays.  On Mondays, my bed + my pajamas > work; it's science. 

Anyways, I have my first workout to share with you all this morning!  I took one of my trusted routines from my little notebook and PicMonkey'd it until it was so pretty you won't be able to NOT pin it... or that's what I'm telling myself.  This is a full body workout, which are my favorite types of workouts.  I know some people will focus on "bi's & tri's" or "chest & back" on separate days, but I find my body responds best to full body circuits.  I like the concept of "pairing" exercises together, picking one upper body and one lower body.  That way, you can feel the burn on the first exercise, then give those muscles a chance to recover while you do another exercise using totally different muscles.  Once again - it's science!

This is what I call the "15's Workout" because you do 15 reps of each move (so creative, I know).  If you don't have a kettlebell, you can substitute box jumps (onto a box, bench or step) for swings, dumbbells for the rows and squats, and do shoulder presses instead of clean & presses.  I promise, if you limit the "rest time" to 15 seconds, you'll have your heart pumping the whole time and burn major calories!

I plan on doing this workout at the gym this evening after a quick 2 mile jog with my dog, which I'll use as my warm up.  It's always nice to get a good sweat sesh in on a Monday, especially after one-too-many Irish beers this weekend celebrating St. Patrick's Day (ok, maybe more than one too many...)  I did get a 7 mile treadmill run in on Saturday, which totally balances out all the beer, right?  Right. 

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